Don’t tell me to love you. Don’t tell me to care. I can’t fill my being With things that aren’t there.  Don’t tell me I’m selfish It’s just how I’m built. Don’t tell me we’re destined It drowns me in guilt. Don’t tell me “try...

deaf and dumb

  If they took a look around, they would see all of what they dreamed of. But as I stand here in front of the crowd I see drifting, blind faces, that sway, but don’t change. The faces they wear are grey and dark, holes cut out so their cold souls...

The state of now

Fuzzy muddled mind. Humans that aren't kind. Lungs that don’t take air. Feelings, striped and bare. Eyes that never see. A you that knows no me. The earth that now stands still. Death, inside a pill. Arms that cannot hold. A...

we were

  I woke from dreams that had me in a better place.    Warm arms held me in an embrace,   and the thought of death far from my mind.   No more goodbyes   No more wasted time   I simply was and we just were.

Paper Love

Two silhouettes, but in one mirage. Your words drip like glue, my heart a collage. Cut out the pieces, and see how they fit. But the task is too messy, so you give up and quit. Lovely moments, stay like paper mache  Thoughts and...


Little words With larger beings. Hear their sounds And know their meanings. Whispered stories Told oncemore. Hiding feelings Still in store. Hear the riddle But know the truth. These backward answers Consume my...

Time goes by

Time hesitates, with my face in the mirror. For years I’ve grown, but the world still isn’t clearer. Ages ago I was a little girl. I was quite content in my little world. But the hours, the minutes, the seconds they blur. I begin to get...

That summer

Lavender. Deep breaths. She dances carefree through the fields of grass. Laughter. Sunlight. She blushes and moves the hair from her eyes. Birds chirp. Gentle breeze. The world from before melts away into oblivion.     


The kitchen is empty much like my heart. The days seem so long, all a dream’s width apart. I contemplate all things unseen, I ponder your smile, and what it means. Change my name, then love me back, Heart ache’s a symptom, while you’re a...

oh dear

Dear you know I loved you. Through the heartache and mistrust. You held me when I shattered, instead of sweeping away the dust. I know you’ve been mistreated, I’ve cursed you many times. But we played when we were younger, we were soulmates...

simple truth

I’ll head for Philadelphia, with my bluejeans and the truth. The memories do harm to me, with tragedy as proof.  I’ll count the towns I pass through, each one with despair.  I know they all each have a girl who’s clinging to a prayer.  The...

two girls

Two girls sit on an old park bench they look out at the sky one sees sparrows in the east and daydreams how to fly the other senses raindrops and looks up to the clouds she curses her misfortune and can’t help but speak aloud minutes...


Nurse me back to reality  then find me when you're sober. You live mirages, play them back,  while the real world's broke, and over. My mind was mudled and you sheltered me, Saying the evil's out there, and that's true. But the...

dead to me

Death around me, fragile soul. embracing the reaper, exchanging tolls. There's calm in this solitude. The end drawing nye. I get a taste of what's left for me Not a tear need I cry.  


I know I'll be okay, and soon it'll be alright. But right now I need some comfort to get me through the night. My body's weak and lonely. My mind is counting down, But the seconds pass by slowly and in solitude I drown.    

This is me

Slice me to infinity. I shatter from the misery. My actions spur catastrophe. I see me now, the enemy. My world spins black, but rhythmically. In silence know my agony. 


Frosty lips turn and quake. You sit in wonder, from the sounds they make. Hand on hand, while heart to heart. Eyes open then close, mouthes loosely part. Forgetting the hours, while you’re in my arms. Away from the chaos, we’re imune...


The movements are endless. Emotions remain. My heart trips and tumbles. The tremurs retained.  

That day.

The day has come it blurs then goes.  It's nothing I have dreamt. The edges smudge, you wear a frown. Our eyes meet, then flick away. Neither one enriched. Sour intentions. Inflicting disappointment with nonrealistic expectations.


I'm a shitty shitty person with a shitty shitty life my mind is filled with useless thoughts  that tear me from the light. my heart is achey-breaky  I'm a stupid fucked up mess my life is going nowhere and I block out all the rest.

frets to death

These feelings are a plague to me each tumor grows and won't let me be I feel a burn from this slow death I lose my life as I scream and fret.

bruises from the battlefield

Emotionally wounded with marks that won't heal I flinch in the darkness  from the pain I now feel. The weakness it holds me  and covers my mouth it smothers my memories and fills me with doubt.