Seconds to Days

In those seconds I was fucking happy. In those minutes I was fucking sad.  Together we were in shambles, and the hours all came back. Can I change the answer I gave you, can I change my fucking name? I shouldn't let that day control...

Truth hurts

Where did I go wrong today, I wish it all were just a dream.  The path we walked had seemed so pure, the turns and dips so clean.  I saw us smiling in my mind, and missed the heartache which was there. The moment you let go of me, was the...

compare oh contrare

She’s confidant, to say the least.  She’s a firework, but not like me.  She’s a loving girl, photogenic. She gets them all, and just can’t help it.  They stare at her, in her eyes lost.   She’s a sweet daydream. I’m an afterthought.

Stay Grey

Falling, falling, to the ground. Waves around me, and so I drown.  Limp and empty. Still and grey. Time moves around me. But my body stays.

Feeling feelings

Where did these feeling come from? They just showed up while I slept. They are stronger than I'm used to compared to others I have kept. There seems to be no explanation, I didn't do something new, So why have I grown feelings For...