That day.

The day has come it blurs then goes.  It's nothing I have dreamt. The edges smudge, you wear a frown. Our eyes meet, then flick away. Neither one enriched. Sour intentions. Inflicting disappointment with nonrealistic expectations.


I'm a shitty shitty person with a shitty shitty life my mind is filled with useless thoughts  that tear me from the light. my heart is achey-breaky  I'm a stupid fucked up mess my life is going nowhere and I block out all the rest.

frets to death

These feelings are a plague to me each tumor grows and won't let me be I feel a burn from this slow death I lose my life as I scream and fret.

bruises from the battlefield

Emotionally wounded with marks that won't heal I flinch in the darkness  from the pain I now feel. The weakness it holds me  and covers my mouth it smothers my memories and fills me with doubt.  

it's odd

It seems there are canines in the sky. And hogs grow wings with will to fly. The fire covers o’re with ice. What all was wrong is simply right. But see it’s me the same inside Picking at my worthless, shameful, pride. She dances,...

Dismal Dreams

I'm dreaming in December of holiays with you,  But as I pull apart these fantasies alas they can't be true. Immersed in this bleak winter chill it could slip away with just a pill. The frost may sting and bite my flesh but it's my mind that...

far far away

You’re tacky I’m low-key it’s clear now you hate me I’m fed up you’re passed out your shoe stains  on my couch they all say the same thing “she won’t change a damn thing” you're reckless I’m sub par but that...

now be

Stay. Read. Hold. Be. Talk.  Tell. Laugh. Smile. Doze. Sleep. Mumble. Stir. Wake. Shift. Grab. Paint. Strokes. Watch. Create. Kiss. Beam. Leave. Shut. Wave. Remember. Chuckle....


Can words express the hurt I feel? I pinch myself, and yet,  it’s real. You’ve long forgot the better days, I romanticize them,  saying I’m ok. I stand alone in frozen snow. Hoping my body reflects the cold I know. Behind...

blueness for infinity

Blue. Blue. Is all I felt.  No darker cards, have ere I delt. You closed your eyes. Just torn away. I begged that you see happy days. Your face grew taut. Then you exhaled. Clear in your eyes. You knew I failed. Blue. And...