two girls

Two girls sit on an old park bench

they look out at the sky

one sees sparrows in the east and daydreams how to fly

the other senses raindrops and looks up to the clouds

she curses her misfortune and can’t help but speak aloud

minutes pass and thus they wait 

for the world to make a scene 

they both are now preoccupied

the first girl with a dream.

she inhales all the pollen that floats from lushus fields

the second girl has allergies and can not help but squeal

they mutter fascinations 

each one has their own

the first girl remarks on the masterpiece their mother earth has grown

the second girl has a pouty lip 

it quivers with her mood

she makes complaints but other than that does little else than brood.

through the day the sky may change 

and as it swallows up the light

the girls part ways neither one changed

one filled with dark, one bright. 



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